Functional Skills Assessment & Curriculum Activities

As special education teachers, we found that parents were so frustrated in hearing every year that their student ranked in the 1% of students their same age. We wanted to show any progress they were making in our classrooms - no matter how small. 

That is why we developed the Functional Skills Curriculum and Assessment.

There are three areas of skills addressed:

1. Cognitive Skills (CS) - Focuses on academic skills covering multiple levels of reading, math and writing abilities.

2. Self Help Skills (SHS) - Focuses on basic skills that increase the ability for students to become proficient at taking care of their own everyday needs.

3. Job Training Skills (JTS) - Focuses on basic daily living abilities to the skills required to successfully work, live and independently succeed in the future.

Product - Package #1
Assessment Kit, Goals and Objectives (1 -3 kits)
                                     5% Discount (4 - 8 kits)$807.50
                            10% Discount (9 or more kits)         

Product - Package #2
Pkg 2: Assessment  Kit, Goals and Objectives, Data Collection Sheets, Full Day Training, one classroom set of curriculum activities and 5 task boxes.$3,000.00  

Product - Package #3                                                            
Assembled Curriculum Only

2019-20 Curriculum UpdatePrice
This update adds two additional curriculum activities per a goal.$1,000.00  
This update adds goals and objectives for Self-Help and Job Training Skills that match the Task Analysis Cards.$500.00

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